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We offer flexible dog walking services, to owners who need some assistance on an ad hoc or regular basis. Our package of servics are open to dogs of all sizes, breeds and ages.

Dogs booked on our walks will be collected and transported safely using seatbelt restraints, or in a high quality crash tested travel crate. We ensure we have an adequate supply of freshwater and poo bags with us on all our outings. 

During our walks we take a mix of balls and other toys to help keep dogs entertained and aid mental stimulation. 

All dogs on our walks should be microchipped and wear an ID tag containing owners contact details. As an additional safety measure, we have a number of tags with our details on, these are used when and where we feel necessary.

Those requiring further information on any of the services below, or who wish to equire about a bespoke package, should get in touch through our contact page.

Adventure +

Our doggy day care alternative, ideal for multi-dog households! This service is the solution to those long days out, be it for business or pleasure. It consists of:

  • 90 minute adventure walk
  • 30 minute drop in visit

Your dog will be collected and taken off for an adventure. During the walk they will have ample opportunity to explore the surroundings, play games and investigate new smells. We aim to complete a circular route across varied terrain for a more enriching experience. Total walk time, 90 minutes.

After the end of the walk, your dogs will be transported home and towelled down (where necessary). We will then ensure they have fresh drinking water, and can feed them if required.

We then return later that day, during this visit we let the dogs in the garden or take them for a short walk. The remainder of our time is spent on fusses and play. Before we leave, we will top up drinking water and feed them (if instructed to do so).

Solo Walks 

Solo or individual walks are the solution for dogs who need some one on one time, or are less interested in other dogs. Although solo by name, we do cater for multiple dogs from the same household.

Solo walks are sutable for all dogs whether sociable or not. These walks are equally well suited to those looking for an ad hoc or regular service. 

The major advantage of solo walks are the fact they are talored to your dogs requirements. This makes them especially good for seniors, dogs who don’t get on well with others, or those who specifically enjoy lots of ball games and human interaction.

Group Walks

Group walks are for those with dogs that are social and enjoy the company of others. Group size is limited to a maximum of 4 dogs, this enable the social interaction between dogs, without the limitations of a large group.

These walks are for those super social dogs that enjoy the company of others. On these walks dogs are matched together and taken for walks in varying locations around the local area.

These walks are best suited to those looking for a regular arrangement, as this enables us to build the well balanced groups required. 

Group size is limited to a maximum of 4 dogs, the only exception to this is if there are 2 walkers and the dogs are from 3 households or less. 

This limit on numbers is in line with recommendations of numerous bodies, including the Dogs Trust. Small groups such as these offer a great social experience whilst still enabling plenty of time for human contact. Additionally groups of this size don’t limit our choice of locations in the same way larger groups do. This ultimately enables us to offer more variety and a better walking experience.

Pop-In visits

Those looking for a shorter care package, should consider our pop-in visits. These visits are an ideal addition to our walks or as a stand alone service.

Available in 20 minute or 30 minute durations, these visits offers adequate time for fusses, feeding, toilet breaks or a short walk. We aim to offer your dogs the companionship they require whilst, ensuring they have fresh drinking water and food as necessary. 

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